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5 AAPI Children’s Books My Kids Love

As a Korean American mother of two, I’ve made it a priority to fill our shelves at home with children’s books that celebrate Asian American stories and cultures. Over the years, a few titles have stood out as favorites. Here are five books that my children request to read over and over again. Bee-bi

The Old Way

In a moment of loss C.S. Lewis noted that “In each of my friends there is something that only some other friend can fully bring out.” He was considering his social circle, how he’d never again see Tolkien’s unique reaction to a deceased friend’s joke and the loss to their community. Everyone we meet

Chicken Scratch: Lessons on Living Creatively from a Flock of Hens

Author Ann Byle draws on the delightful, humorous, and at times sad, real-life experiences of caring for a flock of chickens, along with her family, and skillfully forges parallels to the challenges, joys, and victories of people, like herself, who long to be creative in different ways. Byle’s “drea


Life can be overwhelming and sometimes it’s helpful to just pause and live quietly in the moment. ICF Worship, based in Zurich, Switzerland, provides listeners such an experience with its instrumental project, “Moments.” This 13-track, almost 60-minutes-long project is a treasure. Each selection is

Justice Is…: A Guide for Young Truth Seekers

In this illustrated children’s book, former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara introduces the important and complex concept of justice to young people. Each statement is accompanied by examples of historic events and justice seekers. For example, the book begins by showing Frederick Douglass conversing wit

The Diplomat

If you’re a fan of Keri Russell or a fan of political dramedies in the vein of The West Wing and Veep, then The Diplomat is your ideal entertainment destination. My wife and I binged the eight-episode season over the course of two nights and shared more than a few laughs together. Russell (Felicity,


Twelve-year-old Jordan has been feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders ever since a month ago when he and his father—Appa—had the Big Fight. Jordan’s Korean parents had immigrated to Los Angeles nine years before in pursuit of the American dream—a better future—for Jordan and his older sis

A Place at the Table: Faith, Hope and Hospitality

We all know the joy of gathering around a table with good food and conversation shared with loved ones in community. A Place at the Table, by a mother/daughter team, is a reminder of just how precious and far-reaching a posture of hospitality might extend. It is an invitation to gather more often ar

Coffee Shop Vibes Podcast

Ambient music is a trend that’s been gaining steady momentum in recent years. With a focus on tone and atmosphere rather than traditional music structure, the soothing instrumentals of this genre are perfect for easy listening in various situations—working, studying, sleeping, etc. In addition to so

Rosa’s Song

Young Jae is struggling to feel at home in his new city and country. When he looks out the window of his family’s new apartment, he sees a brick wall across the alley and wonders “if he stared hard enough, would he be able to see his old village, his old home, his old friends?” Sadly, he realizes th

Four Books to Read for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Every month, I have the same reading goal: Four books, including one classic; one newish fiction title everyone is talking about; something from my unread shelf; and finally, one diverse read from the perspective of an author of color. I always look forward to May, Asian American and Pacific Islande

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The 2022 Korean legal drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo follows Woo Young-woo, a brilliant young attorney with autism. Though she graduates at the top of her law school class, she struggles to find a job because of her neurodivergence. After finally starting as an attorney at a large law firm in Seou

‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’ and ‘Judy Blume Forever’

What surprised me most about the new movie version of Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret was its deep and complex themes of spirituality.I knew I would be delighted to hang out with my old friend, Margaret, again, after all these years, because Margaret is just the best. But I had forgotten about


Hip-hop artist Ty Brasel has known terrible struggles in his life, having faced crime and substance abuse issues as a teen. Brasel’s fourth album, Transcendent, calls listeners to overcome their own obstacles as he also glorifies God with song. "To 'transcend' something, you rise above your limits a

The Premonition at Withers Farm

In 1910 Kilbourn, Mich., 24-year-old Perliett Van Hilton desperately misses her father who died six years ago. She’s repeatedly urged her mother Maribeth, a spiritualist, to summon him from beyond the grave, but Maribeth refuses. Because Perliett was raised by a devout Christian and a fervent spirit

Physical 100

In the United States, we are used to watching reality competition shows where contestants scheme, connive, betray each other, and adopt a by-any-means-necessary approach in order to win. Truly dog-eat-dog. Maybe that’s why it was so refreshing to see the contestants of Physical 100, a nine-episode K

New from Here

Author Kelly Yang’s renowned Front Desk fictional series for middle school readers is based on her experiences as a Chinese child who immigrated to California with her parents. In New from Here, Yang invites readers into a fictionalized narrative based on her family’s hasty departure from Hong Kong

Lilith: A Romance

George MacDonald’s visionary and dark novel Lilith: A Romance, first published in 1895, was republished in September 2022 by The Works of George MacDonald. The new version includes a preface by poet Malcolm Guite and a helpful introduction by scholar Kirstin Jeffrey Johnson.Regarded by C.S. Lewis as

The Biggest, Best Light: Shining God’s Love into the World Around You

In this picture book for children, vivid artwork and clear, simple text merge to effectively narrate the biblical story of creation, fall, and redemption by employing the metaphors of light, shadows, and darkness. Children will learn that Adam and Eve, created in God’s image, “were designed to flour