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The Hope of Christ

Worship Initiative’s Aaron Williams offers his first full-length project, “The Hope of Christ,” centered on the grace, love, and rest Jesus offers. “The overarching theme that inspired this project is summed up in ‘Abide,’” Williams said in a release. “We live in a world that often leaves us feelin

The Dictionary of Lost Words

In 1886, 4-year-old Esme is a motherless child cared for by her father, whom she calls Da, who is part of a team of male lexicographers working in the Scriptorium, a garden shed in Oxford, England. The men are compiling the first edition of The Oxford English Dictionary, depending on volunteers from

Mixed Media Roundup: December 2022

Brown Baby JesusReviewed by Darrell L. DelaneyMary and Joseph made their way through the Egyptian marketplace with their brown baby Jesus in tow.Jesus’s eyes took in the traders from near and far. His little nose filled with the scents of fruit, bread, and spices. His face lit up at the sight of chi

The Fight: A Practical Handbook for Christian Living

As soon as I had rung up the older man with the white hair, British accent, and a twinkle in his eye, and he left my dad’s bookstore, my dad told me who he was.“That was John White,” he said, in awed tones, “the author of The Tower of Geburah.” Even as a teenage girl, above it all, I was impressed.

Courage: My Story of Persecution

Author Freshta Tori Jan’s first-person narrative of the persecution she endured as a member of the Hazaras, an ethnic minority in Afghanistan, is the latest addition to the I, Witness series, “a nonfiction book series that tells important stories of real young people who have faced and conquered ext

Andrew Huang YouTube Channel

In October 2006, Toronto-based music and video creator Andrew Huang started his YouTube channel. After having some success on eBay—selling his songwriting and producing abilities to those who wanted him to write original songs on their theme of choice, Huang took to the new video-based platform (You

The Deadly Scrolls

On the shores of the Dead Sea some shepherd boys once noticed some caves. The clay jars inside contained one of the most important archeological discoveries of the 20th century, forever changing our understanding of Scripture. But what if one scroll, made from copper, held the secret to a treasure o


Listening to Firmament, the second album from Norwegian art-rock trio Dim Gray, is a bit like watching a film with sweeping vistas and melancholy characters. The title itself evokes vastness, and the music reflects that; it is atmospheric in sound and in lyrics. The music features soaring melodies s

You Are Not Too Late

Nikki McClure is a self-taught cut-paper artist. Living on the Olympian Peninsula in Washington, she began marketing her craft by creating annual calendars. Nineteen years later her collection of calendar images reflect place and time in a simplicity of image, color, and text combinations. Single w

Better Call Saul

For all intents and purposes, the city of Albuquerque is a main character in Better Call Saul, a spinoff prequel to Breaking Bad. As far as spinoffs go, Better Call Saul is without equal because it’s representative of extended storytelling at its best; together, Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad spa

The Sheep, the Rooster, and the Duck

In 1785 France, 10-year-old Emile serves as the sole servant and caretaker of a chateau where Benjamin Franklin, an American diplomat, is residing. Emile is humble, loyal, and finds “great purpose and satisfaction in his duties, and he devote(s) his life to his work.” Unaware of the political forces

Interpreting Your World: Five Lenses for Engaging Theology and Culture

Here’s how my typical day starts: I wake up, stumble downstairs, make myself a coffee; I sit on the couch with my iPhone to review the news, complete the New York Times mini crossword puzzle, and see what email awaits me at my desk. Most of the time, I don’t think much about this habit of mine or wh

The Desert Island Discs Podcast

Have you ever been asked to imagine yourself stranded on a desert island, and tasked with selecting which items would bring you comfort or hope? It is an exercise some people enjoy playing over and over again. And even if you’re a bit tired of it, or don’t feel like compiling your own list, you migh

Joining Jesus: Ordinary People at the Edges of the Church

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box encounter with the Holy Spirit, then Joining Jesus: Ordinary People at the Edges of the Church, by Moses Chung and Christopher Meehan, might be an excellent place to start. Chung and Meehan document the love Christians across North America show to their neighb

Mystery Road: Origin

The sun-bleached land gives no comfort to the lone driver as this prequel to the popular Australian film and series, Mystery Road, begins.Now at the start of his law enforcement career, Aboriginal protagonist Jay Swan returns to his Outback town where he must contend with racism, cases, an alcoholic

The Vanishing Type

Author Ellery Adams once again regales cozy mystery lovers with a multifaceted, fast-paced, and ultimately heartwarming whodunnit in this fifth book in the Secret, Book, and Scone Society series. In Miracle Springs, N.C., bookstore owner and bibliotherapist Nora Pennington continues to enjoy the fri

A Thousand Shores

Seattle alternative band Citizens offers a Christ-centered work with their latest EP, “A Thousand Shores.” “It became clear that this record was meant to be an invitation to step out from behind our defenses and to surrender ourselves into the mystery of Christ,” Citizens leader Zach Bolen said in a

3 Shows to Watch for Native American Heritage Month

Alaska DailyIt’s refreshing to find a new show that has no ties to all the franchises (CSI, FBI, Chicago this and that, etc.) that dominate the network television landscape. Alaska Daily boasts a wildly different setting than the usual streets of a big city, even though it does manage to make Anchor

You Are Always Enough and More Than I Hoped For

The message of grace is essential for children who struggle with perfectionist expectations, either from themselves, parents, or their social environment. This book depicts diverse characters who might face the fear of making mistakes or not measuring up. It encourages children to become grounded in

The Terminal List

A covert mission goes sideways, which is just the start of SEAL team commander James Reece’s (Chris Pratt) long nightmare. Reece has lost men in combat before. But days after returning stateside one of the few survivors kills himself. Or did he? Reece isn’t buying it. Something isn’t right with Reec