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Until This All Shakes Apart

Department: Author: Micah Van DijkMost Christians who were teenagers in the 1990s know Five Iron Frenzy. They are a Christian ska-punk band that rode the third-wave global resurgence of ska. Five Iron Frenzy found acceptance in Christian and non-Christian circles with their energy and humor. As the

Sing! Global – Live at the Getty Music Worship Conference

Department: Author: Robert J. KeeleyKeith and Kristyn Getty have had a significant impact on the music many churches use in worship. That impact has potentially gotten even bigger as they have begun to host yearly worship conferences that draw thousands of people to celebrate, learn, and be inspire

Jack vs. the Tornado

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaIn this first book in author Amanda Cleary Eastep’s Tree Street Kids series, set in the mid-1990s, Jack Finch receives “the worst present ever” for his 10th birthday. His family moves out of his grandparents’ farmhouse, leaving behind the best hayloft for

If It Rains

Department: Author: Ann ByleThe tragedy of the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma comes alive in Jennifer Wright’s novel that portrays this dark time in America’s history while also offering glimmers of hope, redemption, and new life. Kathryn Baile is 14 years old in 1935 when her sister marries and her father

Godzilla vs. Kong

Department: Author: Trevor DenningKing Kong entered pop culture in the 1933 movie that bears his name, and he’s never left. After all, who is going to show a giant gorilla the door? Godzilla, that’s who! Bursting into Japanese cinema in 1954, the King of the Monsters has forever been on a collision

One Woman Can Change the World

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaThrough the lens of her Christian faith, author Ronne Rock tells stories of women of the Bible and current women from different cultures and countries who followed God’s leading and were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring change to their

BECOMING:us Podcast

Department: Author: Kayleigh FongersWhen two recording artists fall in love, it makes for a unique story. BECOMING:us is a new cinematic podcast hosted by singer/songwriter Moriah Smallbone and her husband Joel Smallbone (of for KING & COUNTRY) and highlights that story. In six meaningful episodes,

Hurry Up! A Book About Slowing Down

Department: Author: Jenny deGroot“Hurry up! Hurry down! Hurry round and round and round.” This picture book begins with a frenzy as a child hurries out of bed, hurries down the stairs, and hurries out the door to catch the bus. And once at school, the hurrying continues until at home at the end of

Find a Reason

Department: Author: Paul DelgerThe worship music world seems crowded these days, but there is definitely room for North Point Worship’s eight-song EP Find a Reason, with its worthy songs of praise and dependence upon God. One selection, “Light Breaking Through,'' was based on singer Lauren Lee’s ba

The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Department: Author: Mary Li MaEditor's Note: The CRCNA officially recognizes that both complementarian and egalitarian positions honor the Scriptures. We offer this review to foster conversations, not to promote or malign any positions.Why does the term “biblical womanhood” hold so much influence o

2021 Oscar Contenders

Department: Author: Lorilee CrakerThe Midnight SkyNomination: best visual effectsGeorge Clooney is a gifted actor and a serious filmmaker, but in The Midnight Sky, which he both stars in and directs, it’s as if he parked his personality—yea, his very essence—at the curb of the movie studio lot. In

True North Heists Podcast

Department: Author: Trevor DenningGrowing up, did you have that family friend (or better yet, relative) who told all the good stories? You know the ones I’m talking about—the stories where partway through, a more responsible adult would reach over and cover your innocent ears to protect you from so

Pugtato Finds a Thing

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaIn this delightful, silly romp through a garden filled with unique and charming creatures—part vegetable, part animal—Pugtato, “a simple, good spud,” finds a shiny, round Thing when he digs in the mud. Pugtato is bewildered because he can’t figure out wha

Quick Picks: Mixed Media's May Reviews

Department: Author: ’Til I Want No MoreBy Robin W. PearsonReviewed by Lorilee CrakerAuthor Robin W. Pearson (A Long Time Comin’) is a rarity in Christian fiction: An African American who writes about the faith and family focus of African American characters. She’s also a top-drawer storyteller, hav

What WandaVision Teaches Us About Grief

Department: Author: LeMarr Jackson“Hurt people hurt people.” The story of Wandavision, the smash Marvel Studios series streaming on Disney+, underscores this poignant quote. Dealing with grief is something we all have to go through, but knowing that doesn’t seem to make it any easier. Wandavision i

Alfabet/Alphabet: A Memoir of a First Language

Department: Author: Joanne Booy-De MoorSadiqa de Meijer was born in Amsterdam to a Dutch-Kenyan-Pakistani-Afghani family and moved to Canada as a child. She considers Dutch to be her mother tongue and, as a linguist, she grapples with the words of her childhood. This slim volume is academically rig


Department: Author: Cynthia BeachThe lines in Tom Brannick’s comely face cut deep. For good reason. Twenty years ago this Irish detective lived through a horror: his wife’s kidnapping and disappearance. Why? An assassin named Goliath had struck. Or had he?Old wounds are punctured when it appears—al

Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaTimothy Keller, renowned author of numerous bestselling books about Christianity, and John Inazu, a lawyer and teacher, join forces to wrestle with the question of “how Christians can engage with those around us, while both respecting people whose beliefs

The RELEVANT Podcast

Department: Author: Kayleigh FongersFor nearly two decades, RELEVANT Magazine remains at the forefront of media for Christian young adults. The RELEVANT Podcast takes things even further, with in-depth episodes that explore the intersection of faith, culture, life, and justice like nothing else.The