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Waiting and Hope

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansEvery so often we find ourselves waiting without any idea of how long we will wait or what the outcome will be. Perhaps your adult son or daughter is estranged from you. While you pray continually, you don’t know when or how that relationship will be reconciled.

Looking Ahead to January Series 2020

Department: Author: Matt Kucinski The 2020 edition of Calvin University’s January Series begins Jan. 8, 2020. This award-winning series will run weekdays at noon and will feature a wide range of experts who are leading some of the world’s most pivotal and timely conversations. The experts’ talks

Unresolved Tensions in West Africa

Department: Author: Brian ClarkThe first time Bahati* heard biblical radio messages at her home in Niger, she was intrigued. She began listening as often as she could, but always in secret. Then one day, her father caught her.Hearing the words from the radio, Bahati’s father began questioning her.

Building Community, Unlocking Hope

Department: Author: Matt Kucinski “I had a buddy who had just left a year before—not a great place to be,” said Mark Urban of the Handlon Correctional Facility in Ionia, Mich., where he is incarcerated.“It was considered gladiator school, the worst of the worst,” added fellow inmate Crisanto Esca

Como si fueran ustedes mismos

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans“Acuérdense de los presos, como si ustedes fueran sus compañeros de cárcel, y también de los que son maltratados, como si fueran ustedes mismos los que sufren.” (Heb. 13:3, NVI).Estas son instrucciones de gran peso. Si somos honestos, recordar a los encarcelado

As If You Were Bound With Them

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans“Remember those in prison as if you were bound with them, and those who are mistreated as if you were suffering with them” (Heb. 13:3, Berean Study Bible).These are weighty instructions. If we are honest, remembering those incarcerated as if we were bound with t

우리도 함께 갇힌 것처럼

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans솔직히 생각해 보면, 우리 대부분은 ‘너희도 갇힌 것같이 갇힌 자를 생각하라’는 교훈을 쉽게 잊고 살아갑니다.“너희도 함께 갇힌 것같이 갇힌 자를 생각하고 너희도 몸을 가졌은즉 학대받는 자를 생각하라.” (히브리서 13:3, 베뢰아 주석성경)이는 무거운 교훈입니다. 솔직히 생각해 보면, 우리 대부분은 ‘너희도 갇힌 것같이 갇힌 자를 생각하라’는 교훈을 쉽게 잊고 살아갑니다. 우리가 이것을 기억할 때는 다른 사람이 대신해 주기를 바라곤 합니다. 하지만 그것은 하나님이

Classes Talk About Ministry Shares

Department: Author: Kristen deRoo VanderBerg“What will the new timetable be if these changes are adopted?” This was one of the questions raised by Classis Northcentral Iowa as it discussed ministry shares at its fall meeting.Ministry shares is a covenant program of the Christian Reformed Church in

Learning of a Grandmother’s Trauma

Department: Author: Chris Meehan When Faye Yu’s grandmother died, Faye was asked to do the eulogy. Doing so, she learned things about her grandmother, who died at the age of 94, that she had never known. Yu, country consultant for World Renew in Malawi, also was reminded that traumatic events aff

Solitary but Not Alone

Department: Author: Brian Clark“I could see the light coming in, but couldn’t see out.”Dorothy* remembers the grueling months she spent in one of the world’s loneliest places: an 8-by-12-foot solitary confinement cell of a Montana prison.“I just wanted to give up,” Dorothy said. “I just kept saying

Leading the Prisoners with Singing

Department: Author: Gillian FerwerdaWhere are Timothy Leadership Training Program manuals used? They can follow Jesus, the light in the darkness, to the most unlikely places.TLT is a curriculum offered by Raise Up Global Ministries, which is used by Resonate Global Mission and other partners to pro

Hitos para el Camino

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans"¿Ya llegamos?" Si ha viajado alguna vez por carro con niños en el asiento trasero, seguro habrá escuchado esa pregunta — ¡una y otra vez!Algunos padres ingeniosos han usado esa pregunta para dirigir la mirada de sus hijos a las señalizaciones ubicadas a lo larg

여행의 이정표

Department: Author: Steven Timmermans“아직 다 안 왔어요?” 어린 아이들을 뒷좌석에 태우고 운전한 경험이 있으면 한 번쯤 들어봤을 질문입니다. 때로는 한 번이 아니라 계속해서 듣는 질문이지요!몇몇 창의적인 부모님들은 오히려 아이들이 한 질문을 가지고 고속도로를 따라가며 보이는 표지판들을 유심히 살펴보면서 얻을수 있는 정보를 이용하여 아이들 스스로 질문에 답할 수 있도록 합니다.이정표로서 기념비는 고대사회의 도로표지판과 같습니다. 길을 따라서 놓인 돌들은 특정한 지점까지 얼마나 멀리 떨어져 있는지 알려

Building God’s Kingdom

Department: Author: Cassie WestrateThis past spring, Ken Herfst and students from Redeemer University College in Ontario walked the narrow streets of a slum settled on the outskirts of Guatemala City’s main dump.Thousands of people hustled in the sun’s early morning rays to scavenge through mounds

Seeing God Through the Lens of Scripture

Department: Author: Chris Meehan Despite ongoing scientific advances in the understanding of the universe, there remains—and likely will remain—a great deal of mystery in this life between how we consider what science is telling us and how we understand Scripture, said Mary Vanden Berg, professor

Johanna Veenstra: God’s Call into the Unknown

Department: Author: Scott Meekhof, Brian ClarkOne hundred years ago, Johanna Veenstra took a giant leap of faith. In 1919, when she stepped onto the steamer Mauretania and crossed the Atlantic, she became the first Christian Reformed missionary to serve outside North America. She became our first f

Milestones for the Journey

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansAre we there yet? If you’ve ever ridden with youngsters in the back seat, you’ve heard the question—often over and over!Some inventive parents have used that question to help direct their children’s gaze to signs along the highway, helping them answer their own

Volunteers Sustain, Grow Community Development

Department: Author: Chris Meehan Earlier this year, Barbara Kayanja made a field visit to the village of Akokma on the southern shores of Lake Kyoga at the Akampala landing site in Uganda.About 660 square miles in area, Lake Kyoga is a shallow body of water through which the Victoria Nile flows o

God’s Transforming Grace

Department: Author: Cassie WestrateWhen Scarlet was expelled from school for bad behavior, she wanted to change but was worried that no one would accept her because of her past. She experienced God’s grace at Emmanuel Christian Reformed School, a Resonate Global Mission partner in the Dominican Rep

Transfiriendo la Fe a la Próxima Generación

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansDurante el transcurso del verano pasado, dos institutos cristianos reformados, Calvin y Dordt, se convirtieron en universidades. Durante las ceremonias oficiales de cambio de nombre, los líderes de estas instituciones explicaron los propósitos de los renombramie