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The Great Renew

Department: Author: Frank DeVries“See, Frans? Here. See it?” my father said, outlining the letter “M” in the lines on the palm of my right hand. “And here is the other one,” he said, tracing the same letter in my left hand. “Two Ms. They stand for the Latin phrase memento mori, meaning “remember so

The Trauma of Bullying

Department: Author: Andrea MeszarosI grew up feeling like I was an outcast, ugly, friendless, no-good person—at least, that is how I felt at school. At home I just felt invisible because my parents didn't know what was going on at school.From elementary school until I graduated from high school, I

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Department: Author: To send letters to the editor, please see our guidelines at Will WinYour excellent editorial about the challenges you face from readers of differing commitments made me ruefully laugh at myself (“Truth Will Win,” January 2021). At 74 years old, I hold

Let the church declare: Asian Lives Matter

Department: Author: Religion News ServiceAs I Was Saying is a forum for a variety of perspectives to foster faith-related conversations among our readers with the goal of mutual learning, even in disagreement. Apart from articles written by editorial staff, these perspectives do not necessarily ref

Am I the Only One Annoyed by Group Emails?

Department: Author: Dean R. HeetderksAm I the only one annoyed by group emails?Just as there are appropriate times for someone to stand at the head of a table, wait for silence, and make an announcement for all to hear, there are times for emails (or texts) to be sent to groups of people. But most

Broken Roads: Returning to My Amish Father

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaAuthor Ira Wagler, born into an Amish family and community, relates his early life in his first book, Growing Up Amish. In this follow-up, Wagler chronicles “the long hard road” of breaking away from his roots, experiencing the shunning of his family and

I Am Woman

Department: Author: Micah Van Dijk“Oh yes I am wiseBut it's wisdom born of painYes, I've paid the priceBut look how much I gainedIf I have to, I can do anythingI am strong. I am invincibleI am woman.” - Lyrics of I Am Woman Helen Reddy was a pop-star in the 1970s with numerous chart-topping songs,

My Tech-Wise Life: Growing Up and Making Choices in a World of Devices

Department: Author: Jenny deGroot“Looking back at my life I see that my foundation was truly tech-wise,” writes Amy Crouch, the 19-year-old co-author of My Tech-Wise Life. The household she grew up in includes her co-author father, Andy, her mother, and her brother. As parents of young children, th

United Methodists Reschedule Meeting, Decision on Splitting

Department: Author: Religion News ServiceThe Banner has a subscription with the Associated Press to republish religion and faith content from AP, RNS, and The Conversation. This story, published by Religion News Service on Feb. 25, has been edited for length. You can read the full story here.The Un

Classis Watch: Winter 2021

Department: Author: Alissa VernonTwo or three times each year, Christian Reformed churches send representatives to their classis, a regional group of churches. Many of the actions taken by classes are governed by the CRC’s Church Order, the rules that govern denominational life. Here are some of th

Out of Grief, Love

Department: Author: Jenna C. HoffAs I Was Saying is a forum for a variety of perspectives to foster faith-related conversations among our readers with the goal of mutual learning, even in disagreement. Apart from articles written by editorial staff, these perspectives do not necessarily reflect the

Finishing Work Just Before COVID-19

Department: Author: Christopher GibsonNot long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and forced lockdowns across North America, World Renew Disaster Response Services volunteers gathered with community and long-term recovery partners to celebrate with “Miss Mavis” as she received the keys to her new hom

Daily Quote Podcast

Department: Author: Kayleigh FongersFor those who want to get into podcasts but are hesitant to dive in, or those who enjoy podcasts and want something simple and refreshing, look no further than the Daily Quote podcast.In daily two-minute snippets, The Daily Quote podcast offers a thought-provokin

Wild Heart (Live)

Department: Author: Paul DelgerKim Walker-Smith’s powerful and rich voice grabs one's attention quickly on her fifth solo album, “Wild Heart.” The Jesus Culture band member’s raw, vulnerable lyrics are also appealing. “This new album is a strong declaration of freedom and who God is,” she said in a

The New Mutants

Department: Author: Trevor DenningUnlike, say, writing a novel, making a movie is an exercise in collaborative storytelling. One of the first things student filmmakers learn is that there’s the movie that’s written, the movie that’s shot, and the movie that’s edited. The director and actors bring t

When God Sends a Porta-potty

Department: Author: Martin WilesMy daughter and I left for an overnight backpacking trip on the Flat Laurel Creek Trail near Canton, N.C. We hadn’t backpacked in 19 years. She had aged. So had I. We planned to set up camp after three miles, then pack a day bag and hike to a nearby mountain bald boa

The Pursuit of a Behavioral By-product

Department: Author: Corey Van Huizen“I just want to be happy.”Have you ever thought that, said that, or heard someone else say it?In some ways we all just want to be happy—to have a jump in our stride, a smile on our face, a warm feeling in the chest. It's part of what it means to be American. The

Mary, Martha, and Phoebe: Leaders in the Church

Department: Author: Callie FeyenWhen synod decided 25 years ago to allow women to be ordained to the offices of pastor and elder in the Christian Reformed Church, many wondered what the future would hold for the denomination.Now there is a generation of ordained women who recount stories of living