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Breaking Barriers to Accessibility in Ministry

Everybody belongs; everybody serves.This is a common refrain for Lindsay Wieland Capel, disability consultant for Thrive, the congregational support agency of the Christian Reformed Church.Wieland Capel works alongside North American churches, ministries, and faith leaders to equip them to think and

When God Became White: Dismantling Whiteness for A More Just Christianity

This book by a Canadian-Korean theologian sets out to “unpack the origins of whiteness and its implications for the church, Christianity, and theology.” From her story of family immigration, becoming educated in a predominantly white school environment, and converting to Christianity at a white Chri

Butter No Parsnips Podcast

On their weekly podcast, Butter No Parsnips, hosts Emily Moyers and Kyle Imperatore explore the etymology of words you’ve probably never heard of. For those of us who like to play with language, Butter No Parsnips is a fun way to spend a half hour each week. The title comes from an old proverb, “fin

Celiac Facts Every Church Should Know

Communion, after-church cookies, church meals, and even snacks at Bible study can be awkward for me.Why? Because I have celiac disease.Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder. If you’re a celiac, eating even tiny amounts (crumbs) of gluten can trigger an autoimmune reaction that damages the small i

On Questions and Criticism

If you’re seeing this column, you’re at least a casual Banner reader, but if you’re new to the magazine, there might be some things you don’t know. Here’s a quick primer:1. If you have a question or criticism, The Banner’s Reply All section is for you. We appreciate readers digging into the implicat

Should My Friends Move for a Job? How Can I Help Them Decide?

Friends of mine are struggling to decide whether they should move for a job. It sounds like a great opportunity for her, but she and her family are happy here. What advice can I give them, and how do I support them?It can feel like the obvious answer is that they should move. Yet life and vocation a

In Memoriam: Rev. Scott A. DeVries

Scott DeVries had a calm demeanor and shared his strengths of patience, strategic thinking, and curiosity with the world around him. He had a great love for the church and his community. At his memorial service, two of his brothers testified to Scott’s love for others. “Scott exemplified love. He ex

Eyes That Weave the World's Wonders

In introductory notes to this book that explores transracial adoption, author Liz SoHyeon Kleinrock, who was born in South Korea and was adopted by a white American couple, writes, “I remember years ago when I was asked, ‘When was the first time you saw yourself represented in a book?’ The truth is,

Physical: 100 - Season Two

In May 2023, I wrote a review for The Banner on the first season of Physical: 100, a Korean reality TV competition show on Netflix. After watching the first season, I concluded that the show represented a small, but significant paradigm shift in the reality TV genre. Unlike its game show counterpart

Louder Than Hunger

Author John Schu’s fictionalized novel-in-verse is based on his experiences as a 13-year-old who suffered from anorexia nervosa, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression. Schu spent more than two years in and out of several inpatient and outpatient treatment programs and facilities.Thi

Let All Voices Be Heard

As I Was Saying is a forum for a variety of perspectives to foster faith-related conversations among our readers with the goal of mutual learning, even in disagreement. Apart from articles written by editorial staff, these perspectives do not necessarily reflect the views of The Banner.Everyone has

God With Us

Some of my most difficult childhood moments came in middle school when I had to spend several months far from home in a pediatric hospital in Chicago. While at this hospital, I underwent an experimental orthopedic treatment that required constant monitoring. The toughest part was not the pain or get

How Accessible Are We?

The Christian Reformed Church has stated on multiple occasions its desire to be a place where “everybody belongs and everybody serves.” As part of this commitment, the CRCNA has pledged to be a caring community that recognizes the needs and gifts of people with physical, emotional, sensory, and inte

The Storm We Made

In introductory notes to her debut novel about her homeland, Vanessa Chan writes, “In Malaysia, our grandparents love us by not speaking. More specifically, they do not speak about their lives from 1941-1945, the period when the Japanese Imperial Army invaded Malaya (what Malaysia was called before

Heaven’s Frequency (Live)

One simple but profound term describes Meredith Andrews’ music: worship. The singer-songwriter’s latest release, Heaven’s Frequency (Live) continues Andrews’ habit of directing listeners in praise and honor of the Lord and Jesus. According to a news release, this work “boasts authentic moments of sp

Reply All: June 2024

To send letters to the editor, please see our guidelines at CompassionLike Monte and Tammie, we have a daughter who identifies as LGBTQ. My wife and I know by experience what it’s like to hold conservative Christian values and grapple with balancing grace and truth

Reimagining Church: Being Patient

Editor’s note: This article is the final one in a three-part series on the missional church based on the authors’ book Joining Jesus: Ordinary People at the Edges of the Church.From its start in 2011, The Table has been a nontraditional Christian Reformed Church ministry community. It calls itself a

What Is the Difference Between Spiritual Warfare and Culture War?

The language of “spiritual warfare” comes from biblical passages that use martial metaphors to describe the struggle against the forces of evil and death. This is often understood primarily in terms of spiritual powers, as in Ephesians 6:12: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but agai

Doing Asian American Theology

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon twice—once as a teenager with my parents, and two decades later as a father with kids of my own. Before both trips, I researched America’s lone Natural Wonder of the World in an attempt to maximize my experience. But the two research efforts were not equal. Before my tr