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In Memoriam: Rev. Ralph Adrian Bruxvoort (1933-2021)

Department: Author: Janet A. GreidanusRalph Bruxvoort preached, taught and lived out a theology centered on God's unconditional love and grace. Bruxvoort died March 23 at his home in Bloomer, Wisc.He was born in Tres Arroyos, Argentina, where his father was a missionary on behalf of the Christian R

Tending God’s Creation

Department: Author: Franklin De Haan, David De HaanAfter creating Adam, God placed him in a garden. The garden would feed Adam, and in return Adam was to take care of it (Gen. 2:15). How are we taking care of the places where we live? In our interconnected world, actions we take now affect not only

All Lives Matter—Except If We Disagree

Department: Author: Patty Hoezee Meyer“All lives matter,” my neighbor said to me as he walked up my drive and nodded toward the Black Lives Matter sign in my front yard. “You should get rid of that.” “All lives do matter,” I agreed, “but if I said to my husband, ‘I don’t think I matter to you,’ and

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Department: Author: To send letters to the editor, please see our guidelines at Christian InsurrectionA quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your article “Reflections on a Christan Insurrection” (online: It was insightful, prophetic, and forcefu

Should Parents Have to Help in Children’s Worship?

Department: Author: Robert and Laura KeeleyMy church expects parents to help in children’s worship once a month. Is that necessary?There are a variety of reasons why churches might ask parents to help in children’s worship periodically. The children’s worship curriculum suggests that a leader and a

Exposing Harassment of OSJ Raises Questions, Hope for Humility

Department: Author: Alissa VernonReports to the Christian Reformed Church’s Council of Delegates in February brought to light long-standing harassment that staff of the denomination’s Office of Social Justice and the CRC’s Race Relations office experience as they carry out their work.As the Council

The Man from Nowhere

Department: Author: Trevor DenningAll children want to hear their fathers say, “I love you.” Unfortunately, for many dads those three words are impossible to speak.Jake (Seth Bowling) is a successful lawyer flirting with a drinking problem that could ruin his career. His father, Herb (Nick Searcy),

The Surface of Water

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen FeddemaIt’s 2006, and Pastor Matthew Goodman is arduously navigating the complex megachurch machinery that is Calvary Community Church in Chicago. In a church culture where image is everything, Pastor Goodman, in his mid-50s, feels the sinister effects of aging,

Pastor and Council Teamwork

Department: Author: Neil JasperseAs a specialized transitional minister, I serve at churches whose pastor recently departed. A pastor might leave for various reasons, such as accepting a call elsewhere or retirement. But I’ve observed that with growing frequency there is another reason: pastors and

The Questions Strangers Ask

Department: Author: Laurisa O'BrianThe masks we wear to slow the spread of COVID-19 hide the smiles that once helped us acknowledge strangers. But in the hamlet of Neerlandia, in rural Alberta, Canada, members of Neerlandia Christian Reformed Church donned masks to welcome a stranger. Ayan was that

Even in the Dark

Department: Author: Paul DelgerSeth and Jenna Herlich planned to take their music in one direction, but God had another purpose for the husband-wife duo. “Our ministry started like Jonah,” said the couple on their website. “We were being called to play music for churches, but we kept running away f

Shootout Podcast

Department: Author: Trevor DenningWhen truth is on par with fiction, it’s not usually in a good way. But even then, sometimes there are moments that remind us God is present.In five bite-sized parts, Shootout: The Battle for North Hollywood, an Audible Original podcast, tells the true story of the

Resurrection Hope

Department: Author: Shiao ChongWe have lived through a difficult and stressful year. We had an ongoing pandemic resulting in thousands of deaths, hospitalizations, and social restrictions. There were protests about racial injustice in the U.S. and Canada in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. A divi

The Armor of God

Department: Author: Rachel LancashireGod is a master designer. God made everything (from nothing!), and he not only knew what to make but how to make it. And God’s amazing handiwork is inspiring! Scientists and engineers often study structures in nature for ideas. One example is the design of prote

Part-Time Pastoring: Leading God’s People Through Faith and Work

Department: Author: Greg ChandlerAndy Littleton has been involved in some form of ministry since the age of 18, when he became a youth ministry leader at his home church in Tucson, Ariz.But for most of that same time period, the founding pastor of Mission Church, a congregation affiliated with the


Department: Author: Daniel JungMy third-grade teacher once told our class, “Most of you will never have a biography written about your life.” The year was 1988, and the assignment was to write a book report on a famous person. This was my teacher’s overly pragmatic explanation of the biography genr