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A Different Kind of Waiting

Department: Author: Linda L HanstraAs I Was Saying is a forum for a variety of perspectives to foster faith-related conversations among our readers with the goal of mutual learning, even in disagreement. Apart from articles written by editorial staff, these perspectives do not necessarily reflect t

Smithville Christian Wins Volleyball Gold

Department: Author: Kristen ParkerWith medals around their necks, smiles across their faces, and hearts still pounding, Smithville (Ont.) Christian High School’s senior boys’ volleyball team proudly posed for a picture with their championship banner Nov. 23.Competing at the Ontario Federation of Sc

California Congregation Honors Veterans With Quilts

Department: Author: Dan VeenemanWrapping them in colorful quilts created just for them, the congregation of First Christian Reformed Church in Bellflower, Calif., honored nine of their military veteran members during their morning service Nov. 10. Those honored had served in World War II, the Vietn

God Friended Me

Department: Author: Trevor DenningOver the years, TV writers have found inventive ways to get characters to find and help one another. One show had a magical newspaper. Another used a computer algorithm. Sometimes they take the easy path (a Highway to Heaven, if you will) and use an angel. With soc

Who Is an Evangelical? The History of a Movement in Crisis

Department: Author: Robert JoustraThe term ‘evangelical’ has fast become a combustible label, especially since the 2016 election. Thomas Kidd generously understates our disagreements by saying the election has “renewed a sometimes acrimonious debate,” describing that election as “the most shatterin

The Scarecrow

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema This lovely, poetic children’s picture book—a celebration of a surprising friendship and the joy of helping others—begins with a lonely scarecrow guarding summer crops: “No one enters. / No one dares. / Scarecrow stands alone and scares / the fox and d

내가 편안을 느끼는 영역을 넘어서

Department: Author: Shiao Chong제가 이 글을 쓰는 현재 (10월), 배너는 모금 목표액인 $450,000을 향해 가는 가운데 이미 3년 연속으로 $400,000을 달성했습니다. 여러분 모두의 후한 기부에 감사드립니다. 우리가 더 많은 금액을 모금할 수록, 사역분담금에서 덜 의지할 수 있습니다. 여러분의 강력한 지지는 왜 우리 교단이 우리의 다양한 관점을 드러내는 공동의 포럼이 필요한지에 대해서 여러분이 잘 이해하고 계심을 보여준다고 믿습니다.그러나 공정한 포럼을 조성한다는 것은 우리가 가끔 사람들에게 인기

Más allá de mi zona de confort

Department: Author: Shiao ChongAl momento de escribir este artículo (octubre), nuestros esfuerzos de recaudación de fondos para alcanzar nuestra meta de $450,000 han superado la marca de los $400,000 por tercer año consecutivo. Gracias a todos por su generosidad. Cuanto más dinero recaudamos, menos

Editor’s Picks

Department: Author: Don’t miss this week’s must-read articles:Pagans, Puritans, and Putting Christ Back in ChristmasStories of Renewal: Christian Reformed Churches Seeking RegenerationChristian Leaders Call for Biblically Principled Immigration ReformHarriet film review

Waiting and Hope

Department: Author: Steven TimmermansEvery so often we find ourselves waiting without any idea of how long we will wait or what the outcome will be. Perhaps your adult son or daughter is estranged from you. While you pray continually, you don’t know when or how that relationship will be reconciled.

Looking Ahead to January Series 2020

Department: Author: Matt Kucinski The 2020 edition of Calvin University’s January Series begins Jan. 8, 2020. This award-winning series will run weekdays at noon and will feature a wide range of experts who are leading some of the world’s most pivotal and timely conversations. The experts’ talks

Behold the Lamb of God (2019 edition)

Department: Author: Robert J. KeeleyOne of the most thoughtful and beautiful albums of newly written Christmas music of the past 20 years is Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God. This year, Peterson has released a new version of the album, a faithful re-recording of the original with many of th

White Bird

Department: Author: Jenny deGrootOnce again R.C. Palacio has extended the world of her bestseller Wonder and its underlying theme, Choose Kind. At first glance, her new book White Bird, which she wrote and illustrated, seems not only unconnected but for a different genre and storytelling style alto

Is Belief in God Similar to Belief in Santa?

Department: Author: Cornelius Plantinga Jr.Years ago, the 7-year-old son of our Roman Catholic neighbors found out Santa Claus was a myth. He was shaken. He confronted his parents: “Is there anybody else we believe in who isn’t real?”Periodically, unbelievers will claim that belief in God is like b

Christmas Traditions Around the World

Department: Author: Liz BrownThink for a minute: do you know someone who comes from another country? Maybe you have family living in a different country. If you know someone like that, ask them how they celebrate Christmas! Not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way we do here in Canada or the

Pagans, Puritans, and Putting Christ Back in Christmas

Department: Author: Justin Ariel BaileyPresident Donald Trump has a familiar trope: thanks to his administration, we are saying “Merry Christmas” again instead of “Happy Holidays.” The sentiment plays well with many Christians who have long felt angst over a perceived “war on Christmas” and have en

Classis Watch: Late 2019

Department: Author: Gayla R. PostmaTwo or three times each year, Christian Reformed churches send representatives to their classis, a regional group of churches. Many of the actions taken by classes are governed by the CRC’s Church Order, the rules that govern denominational life. Here are some of t

The Dog Who Lost His Bark

Department: Author: Sonya VanderVeen Feddema When a pup and his siblings are mistreated by their owner, the pup’s mother comforts him: “Don’t worry. Someday your BOY or GIRL will come. A human who is right for you.” Though the pup hopes for the best, his next owners are as bad as the first. Event


Department: Author: Lorilee CrakerOf course, there should have been a biopic about the great heroine, Harriet Tubman, a long time ago (in addition to a $20 bill with her image, but I digress). In “Harriet,” starring Broadway star Cynthia Erivo, we have the first of what hopefully will be many cinem