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Posted on The Network by Diane Dykgraaf on 11/21/2019

We Are Not Alone

Women in ministry discuss criticism, raise honest questions, and offer takeaways.

Posted on The Network by Mimi Larson on 11/21/2019

3 Simple Ways to Engage a Child’s Faith During Advent

Advent is a wonderful time to encourage a child’s faith and understanding of God. Here are three simple ways to slow down and reengage your family with the true purpose of Advent.

Posted on The Network by Kristin Rietkerk on 11/21/2019

Coaches' Corner: Curiosity Didn't Kill Me

How do we grow our curiosity? It’s as simple as choosing to be curious. For many adults, it has to be cultivated. Here are three ways you can lean into a curious mindset.

Posted on The Network by Back to God Ministries International on 11/21/2019

The Jesse Tree: A Family Devotional and Craft for Advent

This devotional eBook includes printable tree ornaments that will help you and your family explore the Bible from Genesis up to the birth of Jesus, as well as 31 devotionals.

Posted on The Network by CRCNA Chaplaincy and Care on 11/19/2019

New Faces in Chaplaincy: Nov 2019

Steve Agler, John Luth, and Israel Alvaredo are three of our newest endorsed chaplains. Read about them and their ministries!

Posted on The Network by Caspar Geisterfer on 11/19/2019

Where Discipleship Begins

I asked her to walk across the street and speak to an older man who appeared to be drunk. Her goal was to invite this man into our church. Sophia stopped dead in her tracks and said, “I can’t do what you do.”

Posted on The Network by Daina Kraai on 11/19/2019

A Safe Church Jeopardy Game

As important as annual Safe Church training is for staff and volunteers, it can be a challenge to make it engaging. One church had an idea that worked really well: Safe Church Jeopardy!

Posted on The Network by Ron DeVries on 11/18/2019

Exilic Faith in a Babylonian World (Part 1)

I've been wondering if the church has defaulted to expecting too little of Christian believers. What if Christian youth are more willing to be challenged than the church is willing to challenge them?

Posted on The Network by Marian Lensink on 11/13/2019

Dwelling in the Text

When leading a Bible study, asking good questions is the starting point to help participants reflect on and engage with the text.

Posted on The Network by Office of Social Justice on 11/13/2019

"How Long, Lord?" Free Advent Devotional

This Advent season, World Renew and the Office of Social Justice invite you, through our email devotions, to join the prophets and all creation “in eager expectation.”

Posted on The Network by Becky Jones on 11/12/2019

Restorative Practices in Faith Communities

Safe Church Ministry recently held a training event on Restorative Practices in Faith Communities. I'm excited to discuss the training and share links and information about Restorative Practices.

Posted on The Network by CRCNA Chaplaincy and Care on 11/12/2019

Chaplaincy Endorsement: Why Renew?

Why do chaplains need to renew their endorsements? Learn about why we do this, and what steps you should take to renew your endorsement.

Posted on The Network by Mimi Larson on 11/11/2019

Can I Share a Story?

I never met my great-uncle. But his diary has been a gift to me on my faith journey. It has done what Reese said family stories would—it inspires me.

Posted on The Network by Sandy Swartzentruber on 11/11/2019

DIY Advent Calendar

Celebrate the coming of Christ with this easy, colorful Advent craft for families or children’s ministry groups.

Posted on The Network by Phillip Leo on 11/11/2019

Generosity’s Ripple Effect

Even in their will, Rich and Ann Meyer were careful to reflect giving as a priority.