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Posted on The Network by Martin Rekers on 01/22/2020

Elders Serving After Sin

If someone has committed a public sin (eg an affair), are they eligible to be an office bearer in the future or do certain sins prohibit someone from serving in office for the rest of their lives?

Posted on The Network by Patricia Haveman on 01/21/2020

Living in a Shadow Doesn’t Mean It’s Dark

In a season of illness and struggle, the eagle came to remind us of a strength that is not our own. A strength from the everlasting God of Isaiah, the Creator who never grows weary.

Posted on The Network by Worship Ministries on 01/21/2020

CRC Worship Coaches Available

Did you know that the CRC offers churches and individual worship leaders coaching in worship? Find the details here!

Posted on The Network by Faith Formation Ministries on 01/21/2020

5 Ways to Pray With Kids

Prayer is an anytime and anywhere conversation with God—no fancy words required! Here are five tips from the Dwell at Home series of resources for families.

Posted on The Network by Mimi Larson on 01/20/2020

Dear Children's Ministry Workers

This open letter to children’s ministry workers is a reminder that even the smallest tasks can make a difference in eternity.

Posted on The Network by Rev. Verlan Van Ee on 01/15/2020

Retelling Childhood Stories

Perhaps the most insightful moment came when one pastor asked: What is your earliest childhood memory?

Posted on The Network by Staci Devries on 01/14/2020

Top 10 Network Resources of 2019

Curious which Network resources received the most views in 2019? Here are the top 10 (ranked by page views).

Posted on The Network by Daniel Roels on 01/14/2020

A Spiritual Health Check-up for Leaders

Leading others in spirituality can make it easier for leaders to forget their own spiritual health. Here is a tool to help facilitate conversation and prayer on spiritual health.

Posted on The Network by Amy Schenkel on 01/14/2020

We Live as We Pray

Why focus on developing the missional practice of prayer? Maybe prayer is about changing us, shaping us, and sending us into our neighborhood and the world.