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Posted on The Network by Jeff Sajdak on 06/29/2022

Jars of Clay in Tumultuous Times

The world we live in is changing, in turmoil. We don’t need muscular Christs battling it out. We need jars of clay.

Posted on The Network by Jim Halstead on 06/28/2022

It's Almost Time to Go Home

I imagine Bill is in heaven, pointing to his watch and asking: "Are you ready? It's almost time to go home!"

Posted on The Network by CRC Communications on 06/25/2022

Post Synod 2022 Announcement From Zachary King

Rev. Zachary King sent a short announcement to churches with a request for prayer and patience as he and others work to figure out the implications of Synod 2022's decisions.

Posted on The Network by Staci Devries on 06/23/2022

Are We Singing Songs That Stick?

I was leading the 4-year-old class at church a couple weeks ago and left the experience with a haughty thought: The songs we sang when I was a kid were better.

Posted on The Network by CRC Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee on 06/23/2022

Hearts Exchanged: Join Us This Fall

Hearts Exchanged is a learning and action journey designed to equip Reformed Christians to engage with Indigenous people as neighbours and fellow image bearers.

Posted on The Network by Disability Concerns on 06/21/2022

RCA-CRC Disability Concerns Wins 4 Awards in 2022

RCA-CRC Disability Concerns won four awards this year at the "Best of the Church Press" ceremony at the annual Associated Church Press Convention.

Posted on The Network by CRCNA Candidacy on 06/16/2022

Candidacy Sunday Resources

Candidacy Sunday (June 26, 2022) is a great opportunity for churches to thank God for the men and women who anticipate being approved as candidates at synod. Find resources below!