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Posted on The Network by Courtney Jacob on 04/19/2021

Groundwork’s Founding Co-host Retires

For eleven years, Dave Bast’s voice has comforted and encouraged listeners with biblical insights and thoughtful reflections on Groundwork.

Posted on The Network by Dr. Didi L. Watts on 04/19/2021

Support Students; Don’t Villainize Them

Dr. Watts has seen first hand the significant challenges of unconscious bias that many Black students have had to deal with and the devastating effects they can have.

Posted on The Network by Scott DeVries on 04/16/2021

Everything Is Systemic

Pastor Scott DeVries writes in this article that viewing racism as a system recognizes it as a complex reality that will take effort to understand and work against.

Posted on The Network by Vibrant Congregations on 04/16/2021

Discipleship in a Time of Pandemic

A conversation about wise ways to make disciples with some of the leadership team of City Church in Compton, California.

Posted on The Network by Safe Church Ministry on 04/15/2021

Rugged Relationships and a Restorative Church

How can we envision shalom in a society of increasingly complex webs of relationships, systems of governments and institutions?

Posted on The Network by Bryan Haley on 04/15/2021

Church Communication Strategy: A Guidebook from Church Juice

Our “Church Communication Strategy: A Guidebook” walks you through evaluating the effectiveness of your current communication practices, finding your audience, building your processes, and creating your content strategy.

Posted on The Network by Carrie-Anne Ballantyne on 04/14/2021

The First Canadian and Christian Business as Mission Network Launches!

The BAM Canada Network is a digital platform to stimulate Business as Mission collaboration by connecting all Christians from any occupation and industry who are looking to combine their passions with the power of business to share the Gospel and create meaningful change.

Posted on The Network by Chris Schoon on 04/14/2021

The Practice of Walking

The daily practice of walking this past year has helped me understand at least three different ways that I can cultivate practices of prayer and spiritual disciplines in my life.

Posted on The Network by Jennifer Heidinga on 04/13/2021

Relationship in Love

I’ll choose love over comfort in order to know and be known by Christ.

Posted on The Network by Diaconal Ministries Canada on 04/08/2021

Recruiting New Deacons During a Pandemic

We've heard from a few churches that finding new deacons right now is difficult. How is your church handling recruitment?

Posted on The Network by Pastor Church Resources on 04/07/2021

Financial Shalom Resource Roundup (April 2021)

Financial Shalom provides grants to help pastors get training, tools, and resources to strengthen the financial education of them and their churches.

Posted on The Network by Phillip Leo on 04/07/2021

Friendships and Kingdom Service

Read the story of how Roger and Audrey Otten share the light in their community.

Posted on The Network by Corey Van Huizen on 04/06/2021

Corn Fields and Cow Farms

How a crowd of bovine buddies helped to break up my bloated balloon of gaseous stress, and how it might help you too.