Little Spark of Life

Little Spark of Life

Written on 05/16/2024
Sonya VanderVeen Feddema

As a young boy shares a snack with his parents on the couch, his pregnant mother addresses his curiosity about the baby in her womb: “Are you wondering just who is growing in me, / How this baby of ours first came to be? / Your beautiful brain, imagination so wild / will show you what’s hidden from view, my sweet child.”

With cheerful rhyming verse rooted in biblical teaching, the mother explains the different stages of development of her unborn child: “Our Creator has done some remarkable things, / Just look at the way He designed human beings! / One cell becomes two cells, then two become four, / Division, division, more cells become more.”

The mother teaches her son that God loves all babies: “All babes, deeply hoped for or unplanned surprise, / Hold the same worth from the first cell divide. / It’s not what they do, rather it’s who they are: / Image bearers of God shining bright as the stars.”

Illustrator Camila Carrossine’s vivid, buoyant artwork enhances author Courtney Siebring’s worshipful narrative, focusing on our amazing Creator and the wonder of an unborn child’s development in the womb. Recommended as an insightful and joyful gift for children who are anticipating the birth of a sibling. (Paraclete Press)